Andrew Weatherly

Andrew Weatherly


Andrew Weatherly is an athlete, an artist, a son and a friend, just to name a few. Andrew got his start in Special Olympics through equestrian at 8 years old in Massachusetts. He would go on to compete in equestrian and tennis in New Jersey, and says his favorite sport is tennis.

For Andrew, being part of Special Olympics is not about the destination, it’s about the journey. For him, it represents determination, positivity and kinship. Andrew credits Special Olympics with helping him be more social and having the confidence to create his artwork. It has also brought him closer to his family.

Andrew’s goal is to someday win a gold medal, and with the support of his friend and coach, Tyler Waldeck – who helps push him to do his best no matter what, Andrew is well on his way to achieving his goal. 

Andrew is a talented artist who helped design the 2022 Special Olympics 2022 USA Games logo, if you are interested in seeing some more of his Artwork you can check it out at

Andrew encourages you to, “Never give up!”