Donald Singleton

Donald Singleton


Donald Singleton became involved with Special Olympics after visiting a swim practice with his friend, Jason. Donald has been involved with Special Olympics for over 30 years competing in basketball, golf, bowling, swimming, and stand-up paddle boarding. Donald’s greatest achievement since joining Special Olympics so far is receiving Athlete of the Year for the state of Florida in 2018. His favorite sports are Volleyball, Golf and Stand-Up Paddle Board. The thing he likes most about Special Olympics is the competition because he says it is always different, no two competitions are ever the same. Donald’s goals while in Special Olympics are to become a coach and eventually a head delegate for his county. Special Olympics has taught him to be more understanding with others. Donald says that Special Olympics is everything to him and has helped teach him how to keep calm in otherwise stressful situations. Outside of Special Olympics, Donald’s favorite pastime is to go fishing, as it has a way of bringing him back to a calmer mind and spirit. 

Donald recently learned that he was selected to compete in Golf at the 2022 Special Olympics USA Games for Team Florida. Donald attributes this opportunity to his fighting spirit and “never-give-up” attitude. Donald says, “he is looking forward to being able to compete and show he can be brave in his attempt to win and keep the legacy of Special Olympics and the USA Games going”.