Seth Hanchey

Seth Hanchey

"Quitting lasts forever, pain lasts for a moment, so push through it!"


Seth Hanchey is 23 years old and he was a first-time Special Olympics USA Games attendee. Seth has overcome many obstacles since acquiring a Traumatic Brain Injury in 2011 when he was hit by a vehicle while training for a triathlon. He is now missing a portion of his brain. Seth has had to relearn the most basic things like walking, talking, feeding himself, showering, and even brushing his teeth. Seth is working on writing a book of his story to give others hope to overcome adversity. He graduated college with a focus on Massage Therapy and wants to start his own business helping other people in chronic pain feel better. His mantra before the accident is still what he believes today... "Quitting lasts forever, pain last for a moment, so push through it!"