2022 USA Games Officials Program - FAQs 
*as of Mar. 5, 2021


Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the Shine as One Team! 
Before applying to become an official for the 2022 USA Games, please review the information below.  

Individuals applying to become an official for the 2022 USA Games should: 

  • Have a current governing body certification, or registration, in their sport 
  • Have experience officiating their sport with a Special Olympics program 
    • If you do not have Special Olympics experience, please note this on your resume and consider contacting your Special Olympics Program to learn if officiating opportunities are available prior to the 2022 USA Games
  • Be available for the full commitment of their sport’s schedule and be committed to attending all trainings leading up to the games 
  • Embody the Special Olympics Official’s Oath 
    • “In the name of all judges and officials, I promise that we shall officiate in these Special Olympics Games with complete impartiality, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them, in the spirit of sportsmanship.”   

Selection Process & Timelines 

All officials considered for the 2022 USA Games are required to complete the ONLINE APPLICATION that will include general contact information, the sport the applicant wishes to apply for, a resume outlining the applicant’s sport and Special Olympics officiating experience, and a passport style headshot photo.  

The 2022 USA Games LOC will review all applications and make selections based on the needs of each sport. If selected, the applicant will receive a contract of commitment. This contract must be signed and returned to the 2022 USA Games LOC within two weeks of the send date. Failure to do so will forfeit the spot and an offer will be made to the next qualified applicant. 

  • Applications will be accepted until all official roles are filled. Please note that if the sport of your choice does not appear as an option on the application, that sport's official roles have been filled.

Schedule of Events & Commitment Level 

To provide the participants attending at the 2022 USA Games with a world class competition experience, consistency is a key factor. Officials who are available to commit through their sport’s entire competition schedule will be considered first.  

  • June 3 & 4: Arrivals * 
  • June 5: Onsight training and venue walk throughs *  
  • June 6 – June 11: Competition * 
  • June 11 & 12: Departures * 

*Date may vary for sports with shorter schedules 

Special Olympics Athletes as Officials 
Special Olympics Athletes who apply to become 2022 USA Games officials will: 

  • Have the approved certification/registration and training with their selected sport's governing body and/or sports organization prior to the application deadline of February 12 
  • Be recognized and have the same experiences as all other officials and, in the spirit of fair play, will not be considered a member of their delegation 
  • Inform their Special Olympics program delegation that they have applied to be a 2022 USA Games official 
  • Be accompanied by a chaperone that is the same gender for housing (required).  The chaperone will receive travel costs, comparable to the athlete who is selected 

Rules & Governing Bodies  
The 2020 Special Olympics sport rules will govern the 2022 USA Games. In addition, most sports represented at the 2022 USA Games have an affiliated Governing Body. If a sport does not list a governing body, then Special Olympics rules are considered the governing body.  **Special Olympics Sport Rules** 


A limited and select number of officials will be eligible to receive travel reimbursement.  

  • AIR - Officials contracted to receive transportation reimbursement and require flights will be contacted by the 2022 USA Games travel partner who will assist in all arrangements. Flights will arrive and depart from Orlando International Airport. Shuttles will be available to and from the housing locations.  
  • CAR - Those officials driving to the 2022 USA Games and are contracted to receive transportation reimbursement will receive a $200 stipend  
  • GAMES – Once officials arrive at the 2022 USA Games, shuttle services and carpooling will transport officials to and from the competition venues


Contracted officials traveling from out of state and a select number of in state officials will be provided housing.  

Each day, officials will receive lunch at their competition venue. For those officials who have been contracted to receive housing, breakfast and most dinners will be provided at the housing location. 

Uniforms & Apparel 
Uniforms will be determined by the Governing Body guidelines. For those sports with specific Governing Body uniforms, officials will be responsible to provide said uniform. All other sports will receive USA Games polos that will act as the official uniform. Additional polos will be provided to all officials for general wear. 


Opening & Closing Ceremonies  
Opening and Closing Ceremonies tickets will be available for all contracted officials. If you have a family member or guest that plans to attend the Games and Ceremonies, they will need to visit the 2022 USA Games website to register as a family member and purchase their tickets (website access not currently available). 

Special Events & Receptions 
Specials Events and Receptions for officials are still in the planning stages. More information will be made available to contracted officials as the Games gets closer.   
Bringing a Guest?  
Contracted officials who have guests planning to attend (family, partner, etc.), please note that: 

  • Guests will not be permitted on the designated property provided to officials 
  • Guests may register for the Families Program at the 2022 USA Games website (not currently available) 
  • Transportation, meals and housing cost will be the responsibility of each guest 
  • Guest will be recommended to utilize the family hotels designated by the 2022 USA Games (not required) 
  • Officials are permitted to stay with their guest at their chosen hotel, but will forfeit their contracted housing 

Extended Stay or Early Arrivals 
Orlando has so much to offer and see, including Disney World and Universal Studios. Contracted officials who plan to extend their stay in Orlando beyond their contract agreement will be required to book and pay for their housing, meals and local transportation. If an official is contracted to receive a flight, it may be arranged to book these extended dates but only if the cost is the same or less than the required, contracted flight.